Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith May Get High with Their Kids – Lights Out with David Spade

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith May Get High with Their Kids – Lights Out with David Spade

Crazy gender reveal stunts are a great way
for boring couples to make you pay attention
to them for five minutes. -(laughter)
-Uh, a Texas couple went viral for a new form of gender reveal. There’s always new ones.
Here, check it out. MAN:
Got to hurry. -Oh! Yes! Yes!
-(laughing): Oh, my God! Yes! So they’re having a watermelon? I don’t even get what happened. Well, there was
both pink and blue, -so it’s a nonbinary… what…
-SPADE: Yeah. Listen,
those people just hatin’, ’cause they can’t afford
a hippopotamus. -(laughter)
-SPADE: Yeah. Wha-What’s wrong
with the ultrasound? -That doesn’t work anymore?
-That doesn’t work anymore. No. It’s another way
to get presents. Oh, yeah, it is presents.
I feel bad for the hippo. He walked away going,
“So I was just used for a bit? -(laughter) -I thought
you were adopting me.” They should have him do
the circumcision next. (laughter, groans) -Hi-yo!
-I love it. Yes! You know, one of our writers,
Sarah Tiana, is pregnant, and, uh,
she had a gender reveal, a little shindig at the office. -Ooh.
-Let’s take a look. Okay… fight. (indistinct shouting) TIANA:
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! (cheering) It’s a boy! -Yeah!
-Yes! Okay, now we just have
to find out who the father is. (Tiana chuckles, sighs) All right, well,
that narrows things. -That narrows things down?
-(applause, whooping) ♪ Ba-ba-ba, bip, ba-bip. ♪ Uh, in her new Red Table Talk,
Will and Jada reveal that their 420 friendly
with their kids. Man, sometimes parents
really do understand. (laughter) That’s the fam. This-this is Connor Cruise. -He drifted into this shot.
-(laughter) Listen, we’ve seen
your children, we’ve heard their music, we know y’all do drugs. -(laughter)
-Wait, are you saying… are you saying that Jaden… Jaden ain’t got it
as a musician? -Listen…
-Are you saying that? -(laughter)
-What I’m saying is, Willow’s new song is an acoustic
guitar and darn cricket. -(laughter)
-That’s what I’m saying. -Ah…
-Also, they’re 18. Who gives a shit?
This isn’t a strong stance. -I know. -Yeah.
-These are grown-ass kids. If they were nine, I’d be like,
“Now, that’s… Okay.” Well, plus, I mean,
didn’t Jada date Tupac? -Like, hello?
-SPADE: Oh, that’s right. She could’ve been in a drive-by.
We don’t know. I know. Well, well,
what happened to, like, lying to your parents? I feel like that’s
a huge part of growing up -to be a good adult.
-SPADE: Yeah. Right? You come high, you lie,
and that’s how you learn to lie to your boss,
your spouse, later on. -That’s a good point.
-Yeah. -I agree.
-SPADE: That’s a great point. (applause) -Mother of two. Mother of two.
-I had lying down. My mother would just get mad if we came home smelling
like cheap weed. -That was her problem.
-(laughter) “Get in here
with those sticks and stems!” But, David,
are you trying to say that Jaden’s music is trash? Is that what
you were trying to say by bringing this up
but not saying it? Why are you so worked up
about Jaden Smith? His music.
You brought up the music, and I’m just piggybacking on it. I said Willow must be 11,
because she’s taller than me. I don’t know…
Oh, here’s another one. Scott Disick was making out with
his girlfriend, Sofia Richie, -at the Wynn Hotel, of course…
-SLOAN: Oh. Oh, hey, whoa! Uh, I think if he’s
gonna do this with kids, he should at least wear
the Santa suit. -(laughter)
-Um… No, but she’s so shy. Michael, you have-you have
that same bodysuit. -Michael, is it scratchy?
-Yeah, it is scratchy. I-It’s is not for this weather. It’s for when it gets
a little bit more chilly. I don’t know why he’s got his
young girlfriend out there. I say keep it at home. I-I just wish Corey Gamble– I don’t know if anybody watches -Keeping Up with the
Kardashians, -I do! -Corey Gamble,
-CHRISTINA P: I do. on the last episode, threatened to whup
Scott Disick’s ass. And this sort of went
under the radar. There was a whole thing
about beating your kids and all that stuff. Uh, but back to the suit. I like– The cat suit’s dope. I mean, the cat suit’s dope,
and– but keep it at home. Get a room.
You’re in Vegas. -Get a room.
-That’s true. They’re always so, so, uh,
serious, these pictures. Smile. Mix it up.
Like, I… -I go to Instagram for smiles.
-CHRISTINA P: Yeah. Well, it’s ’cause
they’re horny but, like, -seriously horny.
-SPADE: Yeah, like, angry. I just want to know
where you put the dollars. ‘Cause, like, for me… (laughter) If I’m in this outfit,
believe me, I came to get paid

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  1. I love this show. Not 1 but 3 A list comedians every show, and no politics. All the other late night shows are telemarketing DNC propaganda spewers.

  2. Dear David Spade,
    Please 🙏 for the love of God get rid of the 'stache. It makes you look like more of an asshole Boomer than you already are. I'm saying this in the best way 😉

  3. Dude Michael rappaport is one of the funniest mfs on this planet. When he gets going on something he’s passionate about not only does he make the other party look stupid but he’s right

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  5. Love Mikery Rapaport, But the other guests in this clip bring the show to a new low. Specifically Christine P – uurgh, nice enough person (just ask theo v) but seriously unfunny AF. I mean, its supposed to be a comedy, right?

  6. If you are doing drugs and raising kids, you are sacrificing shit that should be going to your kids to do drugs, and you know it!

  7. Wasn't Sarah Tiana that chick that embarrassed herself arguing with Bill Burr the night Trump got elected? That's my only frame of reference for who she is.

    Edit: Hahaha this never gets old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSeMVsYhD9U

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    My bank examiner boss was Jeff torenson. He told me we were being stunned when we got back to San Francisco. Is Jeff still alive?

    In other matters have i mixed in to an insane asylum or have I been lured into a borough of criminals and undercover cops and some the same?

    If I was force fed as a child I would move in with the closet queen in the desert in the rustic shed and bath in the dirt in the hole in the floor.

    Speaking of hole? Is she real? Courtney Love.? She owes me my 50 million dollars.

    Kurt brown saintrambone Mobile Audit Club.

  9. Michael is always trying to whoop the World's Ass, Calm down slim….this is real life now not High school…I got a paper bag we can wet down and let you practice on….lmao

  10. Christina P is a fat microphone farting pig that aged like a banana…She just let her self go! Fat cunt should work out and stop eating everything in sight!

  11. i like david spade and oall these comedians but this show is garbage. everyone sees like theyre uncomfortably pushing thru shitty jokes and lame skits.

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