Winter Care Tips: How To Protect Your Leather Interior for Winter – Chemical Guys –

Winter Care Tips: How To Protect Your Leather Interior for Winter – Chemical Guys –

Winter is finally here and that means we’re
going to have some harsh elements beating down on your car. Now, your leather is just like your skin and
it doesn’t like being exposed to cold or harsh environments. We’re going to show you how to properly protect
it and maintain it during these Winter months. Starting off, we’re going to clean it using
the Leather Cleaner and we’re going to spray it right on the surface. I’m sure these seats have never been cleaned
so we’re also going to use our leather cleaning brush. This is made of nice, soft horse hair bristles
and we’re going to start here at the top and gently scrubbing it to release any of those
body oils or grease that have embedded onto the hide. We’re working our way down. You can see the foaming action here. This is helping loosen and remove anything
that is one the surface so we can get back that natural hide. You can clean up here around the holsters
at the top here, the headrest. Now that we’ve thoroughly worked the cleaner
into the leather, we’re going to take a clean microfiber towel and we’ve designated yellow
and tan towels for interior cleaning jobs. This will show you anything that you’re pulling
off: any body oils, any staining, especially if you wear jeans on leather it’s going to
stain really easily. We’re going to wipe away any excess, buff
it dry, this way it’ll be ready and willing to accept our dressing, which is going to
protect it during these cold harsh elements of the Winter months. Already this looks a lot better, it’s got
more of a natural sheen but we still got to protect it. Using some of our Leather Serum, it’s going
to help resist any UV rays, harsh elements, or if you’ve been outside in the snow or the
rain, this is going to make it so that the water is not actually going to penetrate the
surface and stain it or deteriorate it over time. We’re going to take our Microfiber Applicator
and just shake up the serum. This is going to help rejuvenate the hide. If you have protective coating on your leather
it’s going to help make it last as long as it can without staining or discoloring. Since there is thread and other intricate
areas, we’re going to spread it out over the applicator so that we’re not building up into
those small areas but instead we can spread a nice even coat. Start up here working at the top, get the
headrest here as well so grease from your hair can’t penetrate it. Working our way down. You can apply this and buff off any excess
immediately or you can leave it on if you want a deeper gloss to your finish. A lot of people like that natural, smooth,
supple look. We’re going to take our Microfiber Towel and
just buff off the excess to reveal a natural leather seat. There ya have it! This seat has a nice, natural look. It’s soft and supple and it’s also protected. Not only is this being tested against the
harsh elements of Winter, so is your dashboard, your steering wheel, carpets, fabric, and
all that stuff inside of your vehicle: as well as your exterior. It’s important to protect your dashboard,
which is usually plastic and it deserves a nice dressing that’s going to penetrate the
surface so that UV rays can’t discolor it or fade it over time, which can also cause
cracking. I prefer something that’s water-based so that
it’ll be dry-to-the-touch and it won’t be as glaring as an oil-based or any other kind
of dressing. Your carpets, unless you go with a rubberized
floor mat, you’re usually running with a fabric material, which can be protected using Fabric
Guard and this way water or anything other can’t stain it and also discoloring it over
time. If you guys like these products, head over
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16 thoughts on “Winter Care Tips: How To Protect Your Leather Interior for Winter – Chemical Guys –

  1. Great job Nick. Question, if you use steal rims in the winter, they often rust in the winter. Can you use max coat and/or wheel guard on steal.

  2. Or you could buy two sets of water resistant/proof seat covers. Throw one set in the wash during laundry day, put the other set on. Vacuum when needed. Seat covers and a vacuum can last you years. Sprays dont.

  3. What would be the best from your product line for old Leather, in my case in a 93´ Supra? On some parts of the seats it looks very dry, but not yet cracked, and some other spots like the bottom sides of the seat, it looks shiny and the leather is slippery.
    Thanks & Greetings from Austria

  4. Makes me wonder is there any point in using the conditioner, unless you put the serum on top of the conditioner for extra protection 🧐

  5. Could you guys possibly make a video on how to polish the plastic clear piece in front of the gauges. I hope you understand, I do not know what that piece is called.

  6. Nick those seats looks mint now! You guys did I full winter detail on that Tesla and it looks amazing and totally ready for winter. You guys got the knowledge and the tools keep up the great work chemguys.

    See you on the next one!

    Sincerely your number one fan,


  7. Hey Chemical Guys how would you apply the cleaner and conditioner to perforated leather car seats that are cooled and heated?

  8. Is this good for sealed leather seats also? (2014 Challenger)Just worry it may break down the protective coating the factory put on the seats. Thanks so much. Have many CG products!!

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