Woodworking Information : How to Strip Wood Furniture

Woodworking Information : How to Strip Wood Furniture

Now I’m about to demonstrate how to strip
a finish off of a piece of furniture. It’s a bit echoey in here, but that’s because we’re
in the spray room, which sucks all the air towards this filter, keeping all the dust,
the particles of paint thinner and paint, any kind of floating materials that can be
in the air, going in one direction to keep the dust off the piece and to keep it safe
in the room, to breathe. Other precautions are, a respirator, gloves, and safety glasses.
The things we’ll be using to do this process are paint thinner, paint remover, a wire brush,
steel wool, sandpaper, and some rags. This piece of furniture has flaking finish. In
places it’s completely worn out. In other places you have dirty build-up. We’re going
to remove all that. The first thing we’ll attack is the flaky paint, ’cause that’s the
loosest, and the easiest thing to remove. We’ll do that using a wire brush, being careful
not to mar up the wood. When you’re using a wire brush of any sort on anything flaky,
it’s best to wear safety glasses and a respirator. Once you’ve used your wire brush to remove
any loose paint, then it’s time to go to the next step. What we’ll go to next is these
areas where the stain is still fairly well-attached, but it’s worn away in the surrounding area.
This will be the next easiest thing to remove. After you’re done wire brushing the chair,
use some compressed air to blow any dust off of the chair. The next step is to remove any
actual build-up that’s not able to be removed with the wire brush. We’re going to be using
two things. We’re start using paint thinner, and then if we need something stronger, we’ll
use some of this paint remover. I just tried using paint thinner with a rag. That didn’t
seem to be enough, so I stepped it up to the steel wool. That also doesn’t seem to be enough,
so now I’m going to try using this paint remover, which is a much stronger solvent. If there
seem to be areas that the paint remover and the paint thinner both will not remove due
to deeper staining, then you might need to take..get a little more aggressive and use
something like a cabinet scraper to scrape back areas. And then, reveal a little more
fresh wood. For demonstration purposes, I’m going to go ahead and stop here, but when
you’re working on yours at home, just keep doing the same process all over the entire
chair until you get results that seem to appear to be like this.

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  1. I am currently removing paint from one of my bathrooms that had tiny cracks all over the surface and mold growing. I used a product called citristrip gel. spray on or paint on, the paint comes off after letting it sit for 30 min to an hour or so. easier to use then scrapping.

  2. Hi, I would like to make rocking chair so could you help me please? I need a plan like Maloof Inspired rocking Chair or Scott morrison.  Thank you

  3. Get in touch with Woody Hyezmar (use google), or at least download his free book. If you're starting out that's the way to go.

  4. Hi, We need to strip the solid paint/stain on the intricately designed wood fireplace mantel which I don't think can be removed. It is a historic home. Will this technique work on the intricate designs in the wood? Advise pl. thanks.

  5. i hate to tell you this but paint thinner is mineral spirits ,and it wont touch lacquer or varnish ,try lacquer thinner ,or acetone if you don,t want to use the stripper that is made for stripping finish,s off wood .

  6. I checked a lot of handbooks with woodworking plans. Instructions from woodprix are the best I think.

  7. I wonder how many chairs this video caused to go from the $800-$1,200 area to the $20-$400
    If you remove the patina,you blew it.

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