Workspace Panel Sets – Google Web Designer

Workspace Panel Sets – Google Web Designer

YAQI: Hi. My name is Yaqi. I’m an engineer in
Google Web Designer team. Today, we are going to talk
about managing the arrangements of layouts through workspace. If you ever changed the
arrangement of panels before, you might remember that
you can float, resize, dock, or even close
or collapse a panel. What about you’d like to
save these settings so that you can quickly
switch back and forth in different projects? Click the Window menu. Click Add New Workspace button
under the Workspace menu. A dialog will pop up. You can use a pre-populated name
or type in your favorite one. For example, let’s
type in “demo.” Click the OK button. A “demo” workspace will be saved
under the user workspace list. We have four different
presets in this iteration. Default– if you are
a first time user or never change
your panel settings, this is where you will be landed
when you open the application. The next one is Floating. The third one is Classic. The last one is
Timeline at the Top. You can’t delete
any of the presets on a current active
workspace, but you can delete a
non-active workspace by clicking this trash can icon. A warning dialog
will pop up to ask you to confirm this operation. And also, this action
cannot be undone. Click the Delete button. The “demo” workspace
will be deleted from Google Web Designer. But you can overwrite an
existing preset or a user’s saved workspace by clicking
the Add New Workspace button using the same name. The last part I’m going to
talk about is the Reset. You might have noticed the text
for the Reset button changed when I switched to a
different workspace. What’s this mean? If I accidentally change
the layout of the panels and hope to go back to
the previous layout, I can just click
the Reset Classic. It will go back to the
previous saved state. For the presets, it will go
back to the original version. That’s all. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Great!
    I found a small problem. If we are using multiple monitors, we can not move the panels to another screen.

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