World’s Most Beautiful Starbucks ★ ONLY in JAPAN

World’s Most Beautiful Starbucks ★ ONLY in JAPAN

World’s Most Beautiful Starbucks Created and Produced by John Daub ONLY in JAPAN Welcome to Toyama This is Fuganuga Kansui Park and THAT behind me is no ordinary Starbucks That’s what many consider to be the world’s most beautiful Starbucks and it’s easy to see why! Just look at the building. or cafe! It’s all high glass windows overlooking a lake in a park. It’s also in one of Japan’s most natural prefecture along the sea of Japan Toyama Kansui Park is just a 10 minute walk from the train station. The cafe is sort of the only building in the park. It’s a community area where locals come to enjoy nature in the city. It’s got beautiful golf-course like grass that slopes towards the lake, perfect for picnicking. And that deck – or is it a balcony? It’s the perfect place to sit and take it all in. Or go inside! With those windows, you won’t miss the view. Bring your dog! This is 13 year old Hanachan, and she’s making a day of it on the deck. This is a popular photo and selfie spot. You want to get your drink in with the building in the background. It’s also popular with coffee drinkers – like me. When you don’t have your own deck, you can borrow this one. It’s the view and fresh air that also make this place beautiful. The early evening sky draped behind the Japanese alps turns purple to night. At night, It’s the brightest place in the park. Well, except for that bridge. What makes this place the most beautiful Starbucks is more than just the building itself. It’s where it is, what surrounds it and limitless freedom of it’s design. To me, it seems like more than just a chain coffee shop. But yeah, there are others, like this one in Hakodate, Hokkaido. Right on the water front, this spacious building fits right into its surroundings. Fireplace! It gets cold here. Wide wooden stairs. Natural hard wood floors. A deck overlooking Hakodate Bay to the mountains on the other side. An inviting Hokkaido warehouse that many call the coziest Starbucks in the world. In Tokyo, Shibuya’s Hachiko Scramble is home to one of the busiest locations anywhere. Across from Shibuya Station, this one has one of the best views of the world’s most famous pedestrian crossing. I love Omotesando’s Tokyu Plaza Starbucks. It’s a secret place on the top floor that has lounge chairs – and a city view. You’ll find shops all over the place! Starbucks in Japan has been here as long as me, give or take a year. The first shop opened in Ginza in 1996. One of my favorite places in Tokyo is Ueno and the park and yeah – there’s one there too. And I love it. It’s quite busy, no secret like the one in Omotesando but still ー surrounded by trees and people. It’s a mini escape from the traffic just a hundred meters away. Toyama has some competition for the most beautiful Starbucks! In June 2017, a store opened in the heart of Kyoto’s historic Higashiyama district, just a short walk from Kiyomizudera Temple. It fits right in, hard to tell it’s a Starbucks at all Until you see that sign. I was one of the first 50 people in on opening day for a quick look around the Nineizaka store. From the beautiful wooden counters to the shoji paper door lined corridors, it’s all Japanese style. And full of surprises! Wait, so you’re from Seattle, you said? Um-hum. That’s where Starbucks is from Yeah. And this is more beautiful than any Starbucksthat you’ve seen where — Starbucks was born. I think, YEAH! Probably! Tatami areas require you to take off your shoes. Sit on mats on the floor, relax and sip your matcha— latte. Or coffee! That’s what I like. It’s a traditional place open to all, beautiful and casual. Japan is loaded with coffee shops and it’s nice to visit them all but there is something special about this. The architecture, the design, the décor, the colors — Love it or hate it, it intrigues almost everyone to step in. Which is why I can say that I believe the most beautiful Starbucks in the world is right here in Japan. Boy, what an experience that was! That might be one of the most beautiful Starbucks in the world So — Whether you’re going to the one in Toyama or to the one in Tokyo or to the one here, in Kyoto Starbucks here in Japan — I have to admit it It’s pretty cool. The healthiest snack in the world, EDAMAME is more popular than ever and that made me wonder where it came from. Next time, we’ll take a trip to an edamame farm, harvest and eat some of Japan’s best. What makes good edamame? We’re about to find out. If you liked it, hit that subscribe button and watch another one of ONLY in JAPAN’s shows Photos on INSTAGRAM> Mata ne~

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  1. No matter how pretty, Starbucks is just a giant waste producer with zero flair. I try to avoid chains anyway, cause they ruin the variety and because of their market force they drive raw material prices down and often quality with it.

  2. I appreciate how Starbucks respected the nature and culture in Japan. I really hope Starbucks would find a way of having recyclable cups and straws.

  3. I'm not a Starbucks lover but the stores are beautiful because Japan made them… From Canada I'm Tim Hortons fan 😊

  4. I live in Singapore and bored as hell I really hate it here. Definitely not a paradise like what people make it out to be. I really want to live in scenic places like Japan, New Zealand or Canada… Any Singaporeans here thinking the same? :/

  5. Disagree! have you been to Starbucks Tagaytay City Philippines? Overlooking the smallest volcano in the world? on top of a caldera? u will be mesmerized

  6. Mmm, very beautiful and if I have chance, I wanna go, however Starbucks coffee is expensive! So, I go Starbucks only two years once.

  7. The most beautiful starbucks is located in tagaytay,philippines. With a beautiful volcano view and gorgeous lake. The climate is perfect very nice breeze.

  8. Seriously? Better than that of the starbucks overlooking the taal lake and volcano in tagaytay? [pertaining to the SB somewhere in TOYAMA]

  9. starbucks advertisement. you cant be serious…
    …and people come to japan and visited starbucks(a not japanese coffe). thanks to you…instead of visiting a local coffeshop.
    you should be ashamed of yourself to publish this. but probably you need the money and starbucks gonna pay a good sum i guess.

  10. Your narrations are amazing! I'll be studying abroad in tokyo soon, can you give me a tour please? I want to see all the "only in japan places" haha.

  11. I've been to the shibuya one. Very nice, very busy. Japan is an awesome place to explore no matter what your into.

  12. 2nd on the end of Hawthorne blvd. in Rancho Palos Verdes, 3rd on Sunset/Mohawk in Echo Park…😁😀😉

  13. We were just in Toyama last May but didnt get the chance to see their Starbucks cause we had problems with our booked room. But we did go to Kyoto's Ninenzaka branch and loved it. Nice video.

  14. Sir John huge thanks for all your videos..I keep watching all of your videos about Japan. I really really appreciate it!👍👍👍👏👏👏

  15. What about Minamata and Itai Itai diseases of Japan who discharged mercury into Japan's rivers? Real perfect Japan's history?

  16. I absolutely agree, this coffee shop Starbucks ☕ in Japan is the most beautiful 😘 Someday I'll be there 💕

  17. Not really Most beautiful place or location. A bit boring theme, oh,… Hakodate should just say Hakodae… no 'te' sound. in Japanese. Not da -te….I thought your Japanese I thought your Japanese is pretty good? In question now.,,,,,,><

  18. I dislike Shibuya Starbucks always crowded, impossible to get a seat particularly the view of the crossing, Omotesando is one of my favorites real hidden gem maybe the best city view in all of Tokyo, Miyajima has an awesome Starbucks right on the water with view of Torii Shrine and Miyajima Port,Hiroshima Starbucks outside Hiro Station also has a great view with plenty of seats

  19. Thumbs up if you seen one of Metal Jesus Rocks where he and some friends are traveling in Japan and MJR or Jason went to the Starbucks in Kyoto just like in this video and he's from Seattle.

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