Wrap car interior trim. 5D super gloss fiber vinyl. HQ video

Wrap car interior trim. 5D super gloss fiber vinyl. HQ video

Cut with a margin a necessary piece of vinyl film Glue and smooth To cut off the excess, use a knife with replaceable blades The edges of the vinyl film should be well pressed to the surface 5D carbon fiber and other carbon films have a large thickness. With them difficult to work with In this video, the film turned in different directions. This is wrong. For bends the edges be sure to use a Hairdryer After sticking film heat it with a Hairdryer Glossy 5D carbon fiber will look nice in the car. But no need to overdo it This tape can be used outside the vehicle Looks nice, but not everyone will like it Thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Wrap car interior trim. 5D super gloss fiber vinyl. HQ video

  1. สั่งซื้อได้จากที่ไหนครับ

  2. Did that dumb dumb waste that whole big piece on that small part???

    And, he had the pattern going-in different directions.

  3. When I see shitting wraps on people’s car. This video reminds me of how NOT to do it. Looks decent on video but in person I bet it looks like shit

  4. На панели блин взял и направление полос на рисунке в разные стороны сделал))) если бы мне машину так сделали я бы сказал переделывать, а во на дверях можно было бы наоборот в разные интересно бы смотрелось как ёлочка.

  5. This car interior panel is strange, on top is black plastic material and bottom is a beige?! What brand is this car?

  6. This is less work actually why hate it?just choose much nicest wrap design..if you dont have to remove the actual part?you just have to be carefull and make it properly cut, so for me its okey doing this.haters are those who have customizing business or whi have a lot of money to pay for someone to do it.PEACE 🙂

  7. How do any of you know that he KEPT the wrap on his vehicle and not just showing us different places you can put it on JUST for the video and then taking it off??

  8. Good video man! Personally I don't like carbon look wrap, I'd just use gloss black for a more classy look. But each to their own! Nice one man

  9. Wow stickers are sooooo cool, I used to but stickers on my notebook so people thought I was cool. Lol
    Do you have Sponge Bob or Bob the builder wrap?

  10. All these ass holes point out it's not going the same direction he plainly says he didn't put some direction but you shoukd in his video state the obvious lmao

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