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channel in to more WWE 2K20 News and today we’re gonna be breaking down some
of the latest alongside the Aleister Black full entrance reveal some of the
positives and negatives that I ended up noticing for it and we’re gonna be
taking a look at the crowd fighting area because finally we kind of see exactly
the one that we’re gonna be getting upon the game’s release but before we get
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regards to that nonetheless let’s get into it so as I mentioned the big reveal
for today was the Alex to Black entrance which right off the bat you can see that
it has a brand new motion capture the motto has been updated and it looks
pretty good just like it did last year mr. 2 looks absolutely amazing and
definitely loving the updated attire the jacket looks absolutely insane so
overall the model the motion capture for it the different camera angles that they
ended up adding to this year compared to last year it’s a big improvement and the
one complaint that I have on it right now it’s the lighting I feel like it’s a
bit too much for an Alistair black entrance right from the beginning you
could barely see the smoke you see that is there but it doesn’t block what’s
behind it and it’s kind of supposed to like he did in 2k 19 and like it does in
real life he has a big amount of smoke where you can’t see the stage floor and
you could definitely not see what brings him up we know that it’s there but WWE
never show it on television there was that one time that we got to see it when
they showed an awkward camera angle of him cutting a promo and being elevated
but other than that that is usually blocked off by the smoke
or by the fact that is dark in the arena it also doesn’t really feel like there’s
a spotlight on him instead it just feels like the whole arena is brighten up with
some extra lighting that it doesn’t feel like it’s necessary I just feel like
it’s a bit too much and I’m also thinking about superstars like the
Undertaker or even Bray Wyatt it’s not gonna feel the same if it’s not as dark
as it’s supposed to be might just be me but let me know your thoughts down in
the comments below other than that as I mentioned the rest of the entrance was
awesome much like Greg Hamilton and loving all of the commentary lines and
references that they are making for the superstars behind the announce table the
next thing that I want to focus on in this video is actually something that
I’ve been meaning to talk about and that is the crowd fighting area because this
entrance finally kind of gives us an updated version of what exactly we’re
gonna be getting upon the release of the game and I see a lot of people asking if
we’re gonna be able to fight in a different area because everywhere around
seems to be a bit more spacious but that is not the case looking at some of the
previous screen shots from the entrances you can see that is the same laid out
the same spots are open there’s still a table there that were probably gonna be
able to use but there’s some extra weapons not there you’re like trash can
and so on and maybe the candlestick maybe it’s just any position where we’re
not able to see it with the lighting but I’m sure it will remain to be the same
as last year with two of the sides open the other question that I’ve seen people
asking if it’s the left side is actually open and it’s not as you guys can see
from this frame from the Samoyed yo entrance there’s a barrier right there
so the crowd fighting area it’s gonna remain the same as last year based on
what we got in so far as for the side that we are able to get into the crowd
and so on it’s gonna have the same opening that it did last year to lead us
into the stage anyways guys that is what I got for you in this video breaking
down the entrance and analyzing the crowd fighting area that we’re gonna be
getting this year if you enjoy you ready no Misha – owl boy drop it and have
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90 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 News: CROWD FIGHTING AREA! BREAKDOWN, ‘TOO MUCH’ Lighting CONCERN, Analysis & More!

  1. I elbow dropped that like button and broke my screen, and congratulations on your 100k subs, I've been a sub since you had about 50k.
    Keep it up macho man.

  2. Let Me Know Your Thoughts?! Also 100K SPECIAL STREAM WILL BE ON Twitch.Tv/ItsMachoT Follow me there! 💪😎 Or not, you still Savage!

  3. I've played a lot of wrestling games and some wasn't that good. I've always defended every game but for the first time ever I can honestly say I think WWE 2K20 is going to be trash.

  4. This time I admit about the lighting but I still only care about him being in the game and how good the model looks 🤔🔥🔥🔥🔥im focused on the positive only 🤔

  5. I CANT FRIKIN WAIT TILL I HAVE THIS GAME.. my girl is getting it for me so i LITERALLY just have to wait till its out LOL 🤓😎👍

  6. Personally, I don't mind the lighting, and I certainly don't mind the graphics. And let's try to go for 150K before hitting 200K. I know it sounds weak, but knowing how long it took reaching 100K was, I'd go for a more realistic approach. But it's your channel, so in the end, you're the one to decide.

  7. They might have a setting where you could lower the brightness. Just stop complaining, it's just a game. Don't expect everything in the game to be perfect or there would be no game or creative design crew and people to make games.

  8. just watched that entrance
    its great
    one thing i want for crowd fighting is more then 2 up to maybe 4 to 6 would make hardcore title match and other matches more fun

  9. I will be getting this the lighting is not an issue to me never know they may sort this out before it gets released time will tell.

  10. the same crowd area as last year thats really boring and lame whats the use of them making another wwe game if it gonna be the exact copy of the last ones after watching this got me alot less excited about wwe 2k20 smackdown here comes the pain will always be my favorite wrestling game ever im sticking with that one

  11. I am actually alright with the lighting and graphics. Even though it is not a big deal. The bright lighting makes it better. Be honest the last 2 games the lighting was so dark you couldn't even see the belts. they would be black instead of gold and you couldn't see the what the belts look like.

  12. 0:14 what you mean Negatives all i see is positives the graphics are more real, Greg Hamilton the ring announcer but one negative i see is byron saxton on RAW doing commentary instead of Renee Young

  13. Starting to realize. WWE MADE A BIG MISTAKE SIGNING WITH 2K SPORTS. WWE games should be like GTA. Take their time and bring out a new game every 3-4 years or so. But the game that’s out gets updates on new superstars and arenas and current shit happening in wrestling updates for the game. I feel like if they do this they will have better graphics gameplay and moves.

  14. I like your videos Macho, but I will always continue to be honest. It really Sounds like you say "Last Year" more than anything they brought to be new this year.

  15. Im getting more worried every week, im not hyped at all but I want to be!! They usually show entrances during the summer and gameplay debut of september but now we're mid september and we only have a couple of entrances and NO gameplay! I pray to god 2k20 isn't a disaster.

  16. Did you notice he's missing his facial tattoos? Also now when he's raised he kind of takes one step and stops looks around and then proceeds to walk. Here he doesn't do that. On personal note I wish the camera angle would pull back a little showing us him from head to toe before he gets to the ring.

  17. One of my concerns is the crowd chanting "One fall" for every match announcement, I don't wanna hear that crap if I'm playing as legends, plus, WWE made it so that chant can't be done on TV so why include it. It is the dumbest crowd chant I've ever heard anyway

  18. I'm sweating over the FPS drops during entrances because whats that going to mean for gameplay during matches with 6 or more people on the screen.

  19. Why does everyone complain?? Crying over the game because they didn’t get what they wanted if you don’t like it then don’t buy it

  20. It’s just to me that wwe 2k20 seems like a female version of the game….🤔 I’ll keep my 19 (“boy version”) 😂

  21. Game looks the same as last year though. I couldn’t tell if the images were wwe 2k19 or just using the images in wait for an actual reveal of the WWE 2k 20 game.

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