Yoga For Inner Peace And Tranquility

Yoga For Inner Peace And Tranquility

welcome to tapioca and welcome to yoga for inner peace how we feel about ourselves is often apparent on the yoga mat it enables us to find a connection inside ourselves in pause we experience the fluctuations of our mind and then suddenly through the storm clouds a little cell bursts through and we discover what moves us most so practice yoga with me now and invite inner peace into your day now if you like what you see and please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga now first of all I’d like you to think about creating a nice environment so make sure phones are on silent maybe the door is locked you’ve created a nice calm space with your mat laid out on the floor and maybe a little candle is flickering or you’ve got some of your favorite music so the environment is nice and then you’re going to just spend a moment to connect with yourself sitting comfortably whatever position is comfortable for you close your eyes if you feel comfortable – and just check in how you feel today so just notice how you’re feeling without any judgment at all or without any tip to chat or rumination just notice observe how you are today so relax your body soften your shoulders and so from the expression on your face let your face be smooth and open tummy is nice and strong and your posture is good so nice upright posture close your eyes how you drawing the line under the day just gone I’m looking to the day ahead from your yoga practice all the way to bedtime and then bring yourself back to the present and a lovely way of connecting to the core your inner true self is to notice your breath so just close your eyes again if you feel comfortable and notice how your breathing today so whether you’re breathing chest baby ribs where are you breathing from and notice how that kind of brand makes you feel often when we breathe in our chest it fills us with a little bit of anxiety or belly breath makes us feel a little bit Slevin so just notice where you’re breathing from without judgment and then how do we like you to think about breathing in complete breath now we’ve done complete breath before in tabitha yoga but if you’ve not just listened to that but I’d like you to think about breathing in through nose feeling your chest lift your ribs expand and your bags and then breathing out and get all of that soft so your in-breath is nice and active and strong and your out-breath is more passive and softening and continue to take a few steady right I’m breathing out I’m just connected to the coolness on the tip of your nose as you breathe in and as you breathe out again take a nice deep breath in lovely okay we’re going to get moving but just really gently I’d like you to sit nice and comfortably so cast know if that’s okay but you know have your legs straight out if that’s what’s better for you I like sitting cross legs it makes my hips feel nice and grounded so you could lift yourself up get the fleshy part of your bottom out the way all got a little bit and let your hips settle and press your fingertips beside you lift your chest and a nice upright spine so that your energy can flow smoothly up and down your chakras sort of connecting to the pranic body as well not just the physical body and by that way we can really get the energy flow smoothly through our body and connect to our inner peace rush to your fingers beside you and take a break breath in under breath I’m really out taking a gentle twist your shoulders stretching your neck as well breathing in reach really out Center good breathing in breathing out twist pausing breath in breath out get breathing in and a nice slow back how did you twice pause weapon and we write out and porce do that one more time through them reach stretch and pause hold it here this time with the hand in the floor behind you find your height through your spine and then take a look at your other knee and a nice stretch through the neck take a breath in reach up a breath out central inhale I’ll twist hand roots into the floor find your height and then take a look with your other shoulder [Music] actually shoulders once again and I’d like you to round your back rather like you would in cat cow pose so pull your tummy in do your shoulders forward and ease to the side and then you’re gonna roll forward lift your chest and use to the side and we’re going to keep moving creating a little bit of a whirlwind of energy in our hands the old Sufi mystics we’re gonna swirl around creating the nice bit of energy here easing into our joints don’t just practice practice you know with intention to really feel fear in your body a nice thing to do here is to close your knees taking it away again moving through the body breathing deeply getting that prana flow freely into all the nooks and crannies and then you’re gonna come forward and take a little sway from side to side [Music] and relax lifting your body with your breath and relax again a little bit lifting your body would like a wave and self and get a wave and walk your hands in and then we must do the same on the other side what I like to the other way and you might find that this feels more awkward and more stiff and you know that’s absolutely fine I’ve been practicing yoga for years and years and years and still I get the same still a little bit stiff on one side little swing from side to side bring your hands down sometimes it’s nice to bring your forehead to some connection so one fist on top of the other of your head’s not come to the floor and go breath in and breath out [Music] walking your hand and then taking your hands behind you fingertips pointing towards your bottom chest lift your heart up squeeze your shoulder blades together and be relaxed and then again and relax wonderful okay we’re gonna come on to all fours from here and now you come to all fours of whatever way suits you but if you can cross your legs and you can really tuck in tuck right in and then you’ll probably find you can roll over have your hands underneath your shoulders knees under your hips and just a nice easy cat cow stretch here pull the belly in and breathe in and lift your tailbone up and lift your chest again moving your body nice flowing with fluid movement and closing your eyes if you feel comfortable and safe and find some stillness in this movement it feels like you’re absolutely do nothing because your mind is starting to slow down and feel still all you’re focusing on is your breath Thank You flowing in your cat cow pose and then this is where we really tune in and notice how our body is and moving away to suit your body so I always really like to circle the hips round and round the way my back is I tend to get a little bit of low back pain liquid dances and this is wonderful for our love back stiffness so you can just sweep him side to side will circle your hips or maybe bring your shoulders in you know just move freely and it doesn’t have to be beautiful or dance so like it just has to feel good you’re really connecting to the inner you and you can move in a way that feels good without ego without conscience no one else is watching you for true free maybe even invite all [Music] if you have shoulder and then I might get to curl your toes under and lift yourself into down-dog and every time we come into a static pose I’d like you to take forwards and that is to just pause connect and listen to me so breath to pause breath to connect [Music] then your final breath and then rock forward drop your knees keeping your knees under your hips and walk your hands forward I’ve done called extended puppy off to the court a whole host of different things but you must make sure you’ve got your knees under your hips and your arms will reach you forward and you open under the armpits and bring your head or head down and again you’re taking your for nice steady breath [Music] breath to pause breath to connect [Music] and to feel we’ll be easy bringing yourself into full child players giving yourself permission to relax and again I’m just like before for steady breaths [Music] connect to you to the NAU your soul [Music] listen [Music] and feel what moves you and then from here you’ll take your hands behind you interlace your fingers and bring them into a shoulder lock and roll it up onto the top of your head in rabbit pose just adjust your knees till they’re under your hips arms overhead and hold this here feel for breath that’s comfortable for you moving [Music] to choose and feeling rolling yourself back from the rabbit will only extend your arms out in front of you the little stretch here bringing your arms to the side furthest hand on top and dressed and again coming back to the center and their first hand on top they’ll be coming back to the center and curl your toes under lift your snap just pausing in down dog taking an extra little micro stretch and then stepping the foot between the hands and coming down into a wide leg forward fold and these outbursts are notoriously soothing so enjoy this fold bring yourself down hands where is comfortable you could always block dropping your head down having a little wriggle moving ahead from side to side check your necks okay sit down [Music] we’re gonna enjoy your four breaths as you rest in this pose [Music] not judging just noticing what moves you noticing how you feel [Music] all is soft all is still [Music] heel toe heel toe your feet roll yourself up slowly you’re only coming up just standing up tall briefly have a little easier you come back down onto the floor so standing facing the length of your mat and I’d like you to drop your chin to your chest and roll down fingertips reaching for the floor letting your background everything stretching and then beautiful coming into a squat and then peel your bottom down and extending your legs out in front of youth and just lit up nice at all with your feet you know for this instance sitting up in down down there but with the soft toes so the whole body feels nice and soft you’re gonna move into mom so I’m gonna outprice and rule the arms I began in birth and at our breath and drawing up on it once again you might feel comfortable to close your eyes and this is lovely lets you to really connect in words and tap into your inner peace not only in a peace but inner wisdom and sense pleasure in the completeness of this flow you allowing prana to flow freely through your body as you strike your arms up through the chakras and then fold forward and you make sure that when you fold you’re really complete your breath out a long exhale really relaxes you helps you tune in and the more you do you’ll find the deeper you can get and this is your last one and fold and stay here and it doesn’t have to be super stretched or folding your body on your life there’s no goal the goal is just to connect in feel connected bringing your hips to heels I’m gonna roll back onto your mat as we take another Hill flow up into bridge safety and jumping your lower back into the mat and rolling all the way up lifting your hips and rolling down lovely and again rolling up tilting your pelvis roll up again gold no endgame just we’re connecting in simple connection [Music] what are you discovering on the mat today [Music] and again take a rollup hold your hands underneath squeeze your shoulder blades together really feel that stretch through the front of your body feel the energy as you breathe in and out it throws up and down your chakra system up your main Nadi sushumna and released your shoulders and roll all the way through your knees in and scratch them writing happy baby there is no nicer question to practice but total calm and relaxation so we never take hold of your foot and bring it down under your armpit if you struggle to get a hold of your foot then use a strap around your legs other side’s do the same in happy baby and it’s super for your lower back [Music] enjoy your knees in complete complete this session with a shoulder stand now you don’t have to do that happy baby is quite enough I’m bridges quite enough as you lifting your heart above your head but if you fancy joining me on the shoulder stand to make sure that your neck is free of hair bubbles etc lift your body and then if it’s okay for you you’re going to come into plow or how Aspen you get your deep out right here which is soothing wriggle into it breathing through the back of the body and if you can stay here for four breaths then do paws connect listen and then supporting your hips spreading out your shoulder blades roll yourself down Oh give me a kiss at the end of car Oh wonderful so roll yourself up I hope you enjoyed your Yoga for inner peace ice let me think I feel so relaxed now [Music]

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  1. I don't know about you but my days often feel so busy and hectic with the demands of my family and my work that I sometimes feel everything is a little too chaotic and I just need a short time-out to gather and calm myself and to re-focus my energies. This beautiful yoga class for inner peace and tranquility does just that. It's just twenty five minutes but it's my special treat, just for me, It's a little bit of heaven. Add it to your day and experience it for yourself. Let me know if it has the same effect on you as it does me, here in the comments, Namaste 🙏🏻🌸💕

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