33 thoughts on “You WON'T Believe the ROSS HOME DECOR I BOUGHT! SAVE YOUR COINS!

  1. I worked at Ross for a good 2 years and always found the deals!!! A tip: look everyyyyyywhere. I bought a few things for a dollar and less 👀 but then got addicted to shopping lol

  2. I’m an area supervisor at Ross! I love Ross! I pretty much buy everything from there! Such good prices and I get 20% discount too!

  3. I can't stand when someone goes to a Ross or anything similar like they don't have good shit for a REASONABLE PRICE.

  4. Hi congrats on the new house….I love your decor….where is your black coffee table tray….love it!!! Thanks

  5. Sell the home good you won’t use anymore on Poshmark!! I’d love to get my hands on whatever you have I just got a new home as well (:

  6. Your bed comforter did you buy it at Nordstrom? I want the same one but didn’t know if it’s good for summer weather. Please, let me know. Thanks. Btw love your channel. ❤️

  7. I love decor videos 😍. I'm already excited for your seasonal decor videos 🙈. Also I get excited for things like fruit bowls too, it must be our age 😂

  8. Yess more home decor hauls 😍 I love everything you picked up! I get excited about the weirdest things, too lol like coasters 😂 The fruit holder is so cool! I think that's a great piece to have in the kitchen. Can't wait to see how you've been putting all the rooms together!

  9. I just moved to LA from the Bay Area and I’ve alwayssss loved the discounted department stores like Ross, tj maxx, Burlington’s, and hike goods but I recently step foot into Fallas, it’s a really cheap store where they sell home items, clothing for men women and children .. the one location in Westlake is on sale everything because they are closing that specific store down and I found so many little home decor items, mason jar sets, sandals.. very good quality and comfy.

    I soon plan to visit local thrift shops to find any good quality home items I can revamp.

    Looking for home items is so much fun!
    When I return home from my shopping trip I get so excited taking everything out of the bag like I literally light up a candle, put on some music and start going through my bags and placing them where I want in my place.

  10. Ok you’re quickly becoming my favorite YouTuber 👍🏼 your videos make me excited for when i her my own home and decorate 🧡

  11. Love these video. I just subscribed to you:) been watching every video. I’m married to your cousin David Lopez lol:)

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