You Won’t Believe What This Mother of 6 Did to Totally Rock Her Laundry Space

You Won’t Believe What This Mother of 6 Did to Totally Rock Her Laundry Space

– [Allison] Before there
was no storage in there and there was no place to put things that were clean. Stacking the machines
gave us a lot more room. The kids are responsible
to bring their own laundry. They each have a laundry
basket in their room. They bring it up at least once a week. They have to sort it themselves, I have bins in there that pull out. And then I throw ’em in a load at a time. Then they get put in here,
they have clean clothes, they all have to come up and bring their clothes from here. And they can just take their basket out like this and take it down to their room. Mellow uplifting music I have two teenage girls and
we have a lot of hand washables things that can’t be dried,
so I made these racks, they just have dowels then this mesh that you can get at a
dollar store anywhere, like from a laundry bag. And I just made this
frame, put ’em on there, put some drawer fronts on. Then you take your hand washables, you just put it on here and spread it out so it can dry well and you
can just pop it in here, and I have three so
that I can put multiple items in at a time. We installed this switch here and it’s connected to a fan
in the back of the unit, it’s a timer switch so
I can just turn it on, walk away and leave it
and it goes for an hour. So my favorite thing
about the laundry room is this countertop, we cut it down to fit faux painted it to look like marble and then I did an epoxy which gives it this glass like finish. One other nice thing about this is that it’s not as heavy as marble so we made this so that
it can just pop out. We can lift it up and move it out. And that way we can have access to the pipes and the things in the back of our machines in order to service them or if we have to change them out. If you have kids, a lot of
clothes end up on the floor ’cause they wouldn’t really
actually put ’em away. And so for me I have the folding table and then I hang their clothes right there so anything that can be hung, I hang up. And they just have to put it on so I find there’s less
things going on the floor that are clean. I don’t iron very often but when I do I love having this here
it just comes down. It tilts or swivels. Allows me to do the ironing and I hate it when my kids
leave an ironing board up and everybody’s tripping over, and you’re afraid the irons gonna fall on. This is great, it’s out of the way and if I have to leave
the room for a minute the swivel allows me to walk out. The first thing you see as
you head down the hallway is you see the barn
door that we installed. The door itself is just an old door that my son picked up to
use for his haunted house. He actually had bloody
hand prints all over it. And I cleaned it up. The funny thing is, to attach the hardware we had to have something
sticking out of the wall, we thought that looked funny so I planked the entire wall
just so that it looked great with the laundry room door, so
the whole wall is now planked which I think is cool looking. – When she gets an idea in her head and says hey I wanna
do this, this and this, that’s when we go out and start looking for pieces at second hand
stores, garage sales, even dumpsters. – [Allison] We’re a one income family. That’s part of our inspiration is we start with, what can we afford. So we start looking at alternative ways of doing things. And then usually I go
around, I check places like Houzz, research looking
for things that I like, colors that I like. You know everything
from function to style. Laundry rooms we don’t have necessarily most of us have huge laundry rooms, we have a normal, smaller
size laundry room. Some people just have a closet. But if your laundry room’s prettier it’s a lot more fun to do laundry. – [Narrator] Houzz the new
way to design your home. (mellow uplifting music)

100 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What This Mother of 6 Did to Totally Rock Her Laundry Space

  1. What used to be the most dreaded and forgotten room in the house besides the mud room, is now the most used and functional.
    Great ideas, great video.

  2. if my laundry room looked like that maybe my dad might actually do his own laundry but that's never happening because he'd probably break something

  3. Love her ideals and I also love that her husband is on board and supports her. That's something you don't fine everyday. I just wish she could come do our laundry room,like hers…..

  4. real people with real houses with real incomes with real problems and real solutions. love this. she did a great job with this space. I love the sliding laundry door and the drying rack idea.

  5. what a creative mom!! I love her more in the end when Houzz showed her of doing those things: cutting those woods

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