16 thoughts on “Zaha: An Architectural Legacy

  1. The Beijing Daxing International Airport was one the last buildings she was working on when she died, I will visit the airport when it opens to admire her work

  2. Is it possible to make a carrier if you're very good in architectural visualisation without architecture degree ? is it possible to find a job in architecturing private companies and maintain a career focusing on this archviz field ? I mean architects could always use someone to build a model out of the autocad file, to texture it and render it ?

  3. The Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan is an absolute masterpiece. It transforms the state and its ambition.

  4. Jesus Christ. I'm five minutes in and all I see is people (that remind me of the longwinded pretentious fine artists at Art Center) blabbing about how spectacular she is. How long do I need to wait for this video to finally show her works? Too long! I'm out.

  5. She broke the rules to make meaningful useful objects, that's how you make design something transcendental and not just a "product" or just another "building", thanks to her one can say: "I'm a designer".

  6. So sorry she died.
    But I have never been a fan of her work.
    Her work is simplistic to the point of being boring.
    While her projects are often large they do not posses a feeling of grandeur.
    An artist she was not.

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