9 thoughts on “Zamfara Election: APC The Architect Of It's Problem

  1. Zamfara state saga is self interest at play. And now they lost all. Kudos to fair judgment but the issue is when are we going to have party supremacy and decent internal democracy? I dont know why party handlers always fail to allow fairness and equality among party faithfuls. APC gave way to PDP to win in many states. A BIG LESSON FOR POLITICIANS! Let people choose who they want via a fair ballot…that is the solution!

  2. How can a people who know for definitely buhari is going to HELL after he dies then want to be led by him here on earth??? Those who support buhari and do not see what he is and the evil he is doing are children of evil?? This is why a zoo called nigeria remains a dead place and a shit hole

  3. This is not about pdp won, it is about party leaders in various party takes laws into their hands, they all act like thugs, the Apc primary election or consensus did not take place in Apc in Zamfara and INEC was supposed to discredit Apc and stop them from contesting the election, instead INEC again disappointed us for not doing their jobs. Apc primary election all over the country was faulty it was imposition all the way, we need to follow due process.

  4. Where is Okorocha come and see your colleague very good man that gives his people hope doesn't matter his in APC but he likes any other party to win

  5. How is that fair? It was the court that gave them the go ahead and now the court is saying they're wrong. I'm confused, Nigerians. This can only happen in Nigeria. This is not democracy.This is going against the wish of the people. People are going to be governed by the court.The right thing to do is to have another election. It doesn't make sense at all.

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